Drinking water in Aruba

Drinking water in Aruba

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Top FAQ's

  • Can I view my bill online?

    Yes! Using our online portal "WEB Care" you can view your current open balance and your water consumption history. You can also view when your meter was read as well as your previous payments.

    Click on WEB Care at the top of this page and you will be directed to the log-in page. Please have your bill nearby as you will need your Nr. di Percela to register. 
    If you have any questions about registering for WEB Care please contact our Call Center at 525-4200.

  • I don’t have water, what happened?

    If this is the first time your water has been disconnected, then you still have water! Please check your water meter, you will find a letter on your meter with further instructions on how to avoid an actual disconnection. You will now have two business days to pay your bill in full to avoid an actual disconnection. For further details click here.

  • How can I apply for a New Meter?

    All meter applications must be completed at WEB’s main office in Balashi.

    • Are you building  a house? Here’s what you need to bring:
      • Building Permit from DOW
      • Copy of the plan with the location of the property
      • Valid Identification
      • AWG 130,- for:
        • Security Deposit Awg. 80,-
        • Connection Awg. 50,-


    • Are you building a commercial building? Please bring:
      • Building permit from DOW
      • Copy of the plan with the location of the property
      • Valid Identification
      • Copy of Registration of the business at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) no older than 3 months
      • The business must authorize someone in writing to sign for the business (Machtigings brief available here)   
      • Awg 130,- for:
        • Security deposit Awg. 80,-
        • Connection: Awg. 50,-
  • Where do I call if I’m having a problem with my water?

    Our Call Center is available daily from 7 am – 8 pm non-stop. Please give them a call at 525-4200, to report any issues related to your water supply. 
    -    Low water pressure – Call Center response
    -    Water has a color, odor or taste – Call Center response


  • What can I do if my water bill is higher than normal?

    If your water bill is higher than usual it is important to check if there are any leaks in your home. 
    If there are leaks, it is important to have them repaired promptly to avoid further costs. 



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Water and energy production block

Water production

Aruba’s journey from using a primitive drinking water supply system, to operating a sophisticated water production and distribution facility.

Effectively guaranteeing its population affordable and reliable access to the world-class, quality water they have grown used to.