Your Water Meter

The water meter measures how much water you use every day. It shows your total consumption in Cubic Meters M3 (1000 liters).


Tagging is a reminder of your past-due payment. Customers who have not paid their monthly water bill on time, run the risk of being tagged. Our colleagues may have manually closed the water supply valve at your home. You will find a letter attached to your meter explaining what to do to avoid disconnection. 

To restore water supply to your home, head out to the water meter and turn the handle on the valve to the left (counterclockwise). If you have been tagged, WEB must receive your payment within two (2) business days. Payments may be made at the Elmar offices, Government offices or WEB.

If payment is not received within two business days, your water will be disconnected.

Reading your Meter
View this document to learn how to read your meter.