Starting November 2019 a niche is required

To be applicable for a new water meter connection, effective November 1, 2019, it is required to have a niche at the border of the property. This is only valid if you are building or have built a new house or commercial building.

A 'niche' is a concrete enclosure that is open in the front and closed on the top and at the sides. It can be part of the fence of the property or it can stand alone.

1) Specifications
The niche must be built in accordance to WEB Aruba's specifications. Click here to download the map with specifications. 

2) Location
We will indicate the location where the niche has to be built on the site map that you provide, when requesting a new water meter connection. The site map indicating the location of the niche, will be available within 10 days after the request for the connection has been made. At this time, we will also let you know how long it will take to install the connection once you have confirmed the niche is ready.

3) When ready
It is important to inform us when the niche is ready.
You can do so by sending a mail to A niche is one of the requirements when requesting a new water meter connection. Other requirements depend on the type of water meter that you are requesting. For an overview of all requirements, please click here.

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