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Things change every day. We have a responsibility to keep abreast of the trends that affect our current and future environment. Learn more about these trends in our last episode of the season.
How do you pay your monthly bill? Find out all the possibilities in this episode.
If our last episode made you nostalgic, then this second part to part one will be just as heart-warming. Take a look as former employees remember their time at W.E.B. – a time when things operated very differently…
The memories collected over the last 85 years are nothing short of spectacular. Listen in to the first part of the conversation between former and current employees as they meet to share their most prized memories.
In this episode we set out to test our water with that of other internationally renowned bottled water brands. Want to see how we did? Check out the video.
Flywheel helps us regulate the balance of the energy we produce and how and when it is used - overall, making our process much more efficient. Think of it as our very own enormous battery. Click on the video to hear more about Flywheel.
W.E.B. has been generating electricity for a very long time. Interested in finding out more as to just how we do this? Take a look at the video.
We’ve been desalinating water for 85 years now. What an accomplishment! Let’s take a look at where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.
Water testing is an integral part of what makes Aruba’s drinking water great. Our Lab tests, tests, and tests again to make sure that we comply with all regulations and quality standards. Find out more in this episode.