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Informacion tocante desaroyonan y iniciativanan di WEB
Over the years we've learned that certain questions just keep coming back. We're reviewing a few of them in this episode. If you have other questions visit our FAQ's section on the site!
All buildings in Aruba use a WEB Watermeter to receive and manage the water that is consumed. This episode will explain the process for applying for a new meter and the wide range of advice our knowledgeable staff can help you with.
Is there a difference between Safety y Security? Let's break it down!
Sometimes the energy demand on the island of Aruba surpasses WEB's production capacity, for example when the wind suddenly stops blowing (very unusual and inconvenient due to our use of wind energy) We're in the process of building energy reserves especially for situacions like there, meet the FLYWHEEL.
Producing energy and then distributing it to end-users is quite a complex undertaking. Now and then things can go amiss. Here's what happens at WEB in case of a "brownout" or "blackout".
WEB is dedicated to informing and educating young people in Aruba about Water and Energy. Find out about the different programs to achieve this in a fun way.
By gradually introducing new renewable sources into our grid we're working towards our goal of becoming Cleaner, Greener and Fuel-Oil Free by the year 2020
WEB's drinking water is tested often to ensure it complies with international drinking water standards, watch the episode for more!
WEB "makes" drinking water from seawater using Reverse Osmosis, watch this episode of Pop Up News to find out how!
Con y dicon meter di awa ta wordo desconecta? Check e edicion aki pa preveni mal rato!