In the event of a late payment we will place a reminder note on your water meter

No water? Have you checked your meter? If you have outstanding bills we may have placed a reminder or Tag on your meter. Tags are a payment reminder, which we place on your meter if you have missed a few payments.


If you receive this reminder, the amount due must be paid in full within two (2) business days. You can do so using a bank transfer,  make payment at Elmar offices via your nearest government office or at WEB’s office in Balashi.


If the bill is not paid within two business days, the water meter in question will be disconnected. Once meter has been disconnected you MUST come to our Main Office in Balashi to pay your bill and reconnect your water meter.


Payment arrangements are available, if paying the entire balance is not possible; please ask one of our Customer Service representatives or call our Call Center at 525-4200 for further details.


Payment arrangements must be completed at our Main Office in Balashi. For more information on how you can pay your bill Click here.